About Jackie Wade

As MD of Winning Sales, it’s hardly surprising and hopefully reassuring that my background is firmly embedded in sales and marketing. I began selling within the family business in Dublin when I was about 10 and had the pleasure (and pain) of being exposed to many interesting and colourful situations and people throughout my early career. Without a doubt, my enthusiasm and passion for selling comes from those very early days and early rewards!

My career in sales and marketing spans over 25 years. Leaving Dublin City University, armed with a degree in International Marketing & Languages, I was priveleged to embark on a very fufilling career in global business, working within diverse industries and sectors, across continents. I have been involved in all aspects of strategic marketing and business development and have sold into multi-million pound TV companies, large international corporations, smaller businesses, retail, agents, distributors all over the world, and even dealt directly with the wonderful public!

In 2000, I decided to depart from the comfort of the corporate world and set up my own business with a clear desire to share my expertise, skills and passion with others who wished to grow their business and benefit from my experiences. I saw a hugh gap in the market (particulary in the NorthEast, where I am based) in the area of practical and honest, hands-on support and mentoring with sales and business development. I have been involved in training, coaching, motivating and consultancy ever since.

In September 2004, I launched “Winning Sales” as my corporate brand, demonstrating a clear focus on sales excellence and commitment to working with companies to help improve their performance in this area. It’s been exciting, rewarding and fun. I’ve made new friends, worked with lots of interesting people and personally learnt tons. I derive great pleasure from the knowledge that I have positively impacted on many companies and individuals & look forward to lots of exciting new partnerships ahead.