Successful Selling for Small Business Is Now Available

We are delighted to announce that Winning Sales' managing director Jackie Wade's book, Successful Selling for Small Business–What It Takes and How To Do It, is now available to order.

Here are a few extracts from the book:

Extract Chapter 1: Selling – Can Anyone Do It?

10 things you should know about selling:

1 Successful selling is not a black art. It is a logical process and conclusion, based on a simple series of pre-planned, well-executed steps.

2 Sales output is related to input. You get out of it what you put in to it.

3 Selling is not marketing, marketing is not selling.

4 Telling is not selling.

5 You cannot close what’s not closable.

6 No is ok. Every no brings viagra pas cher you closer to yes.

7 Likeability is important but not everything.

8 In sales we are all equal – buyer and seller.

9 It’s not about perfection, it’s about doing it.

10 Sales Success = mindset + process + action!

Extract Chapter 2. A Simple Sales Framework – The Vital Ingredients

For those new to sales, here’s a quick overview of what selling is all about:

First and foremost, it is simply about connecting with the right people, in the right way, with the right solution. The emphasis being on the word right; otherwise it’s wrong and probably won’t work!

Next, it’s about demonstrating or communicating the clear benefit(s) or value of your offering to your buyer so that it’s obvious your product is right for them. Make this a “no-brainer”.

Then crucially, it’s about facilitating change – helping the buyer take action … with you!

Extract from Chapter 3. Who Will Buy?

To sell effectively you need to be truly buyer-focused – everything else comes second. A focus on your potential customer as an individual (versus thinking about the next sale) will serve you well and allow you to best match your product or service to each situation and get maximum results. This is more than just a simple market research exercise; it’s about gaining a true understanding of your buyer and their needs and motivators. This customer focus applies throughout the sales journey and will help you significantly maximise each situation in terms of opening the door, getting the first sale, identifying future sales and opportunities and generating referrals and other contacts. It’s about taking the time to drill down rather than just skim the surface. It’s about truly connecting with your buyer, listening to and understanding the full extent of their needs.

Extract Chapter 7. Selling – A Quick Fix or a Lifetime Habit?

Many small business owners see selling as a quick fix, rather than a lifetime habit. “When things are quiet, I’ll do a bit of selling”. The worse time to look for business is when you are quiet, because this usually means you are needy and desperate for sales and very often it is a case of too little too late. Little and often, even when you appear not to need it, is truly best practise. Given that you may have limited resources and will probably be juggling several balls at any one time, prioritising quality selling time can be challenging. To make sure this happens you need a plan!

(End of extract)

If you feel your own sales skills and motivation could do with a bit of a lift or “spring-summer clean”, then you can order a copy of the book here. Also, if you know anyone new to sales, in start-up mode, struggling to win business or negatively disposed to selling, then this book is for them.

We'd love to hear your feedback and opinions about the book so please post your comments below .

Finally, just in case you’re more of a traditional book person and new to e-books, you can download FREE Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software which will enable you to buy and read e-books anytime, anywhere. You can also read the book on a kindle, iPad or various other applications and software.

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