Successful Selling for Small Business - What it takes and how to do IT!

Jackie Wade from Winning Sales will be talking to FIND networking group about Successful Selling for Small Business. Jackie Wade, Managing Director of Winning Sales, is the petite and passionate international sales dynamo from Dublin. With a career spanning 25 years in global sales across multiple sectors and key markets of the world, Jackie’s rich wealth of experience and expertise in selling is generously shared with her audiences in truly captivating style. Jackie has the unique ability to demystify sales and remove some of the negative perceptions, which hold people back from seizing the sales gauntlet and growing their business successfully. 

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Every business owner and organisation faces one common challenge – SALES i.e. How to attract and win customers in a very cluttered and noisy market-place.  And even then, the job’s not done – what about retaining and growing your customers so that you get maximum return. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a “hole in the bucket” syndrome.
For smaller businesses, start-ups and third sector or public sector organisations, often without a formal sales function, the challenge can sometimes be harder as the person responsible for sales may not necessarily know it or have either the skill set or the will set!
Jackie Wade, MD of Winning Sales and author of the recently published book “Successful Selling for Small Business”, joins the FIND networking group to share her thoughts on what it takes and how to do it.

She aims to answer the questions:

  • Selling – can anyone do it?
  • What it takes? The skills and the mind-set
  • Whose job is it anyway?
  • What goes wrong?

Jackie will also be sharing with us the Top 10 secrets from her latest book which will help you and your staff on the path to Successful Selling.

Honest Lawyer Hotel, Croxdale, Durham DH1 3SP
29 May, 2012
7.00 pm
Hosted by: 
FIND Networking
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Well, thanks for such an

Well, thanks for such an insightful post. Its true that in every small business "sales" is such a term that challenges every business owners. Customer satisfaction is the main thing to which many small business owners fail to achieve it. Yes, I completely agree with you that mind-set is beneficial to achieve your goal.

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