Successful Selling - What It Takes And How To Do It

Successful Selling - What It Takes and How to Do It

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Today’s marketplace is noisy, cluttered, frantic. Many desperate sellers; few, and often reluctant, price-sensitive buyers.

The real key to survival and growth is not necessarily having the best product or service; much more important is being able to connect with real potential buyers and convince them to take action and buy.

Jackie Wade’s latest book, “Successful Selling for Small Business: What It Takes and How to Do It”, aims to inspire and motivate business owners to take greater control of their sales and growth by adopting a positive, proactive and professional approach to selling. Her underlying belief, based on over 15 years delivering sales training and 25 years of doing it herself: “you don’t have to be a sales person to be good at selling. In fact, quite the opposite is true. The right combination of personality, process and mind-set can be just as, if not more, effective”. This book will teach you why and how.

This book will:

  • Give you a practical step by step guide to selling your product or service effectively - no gimmicks, no phoney techniques– a lifetime formula for success, not just a quick fix
  • Inspire, motivate and give you the confidence and belief that you too can do it!
  • Deliver results and sales for you and your business
  • Win you more clients
  • Make you money
  • Make you laugh
  • Put you at your ease
  • Challenge you to be the best that you can be


  • Introduction & Inspiration - Challenging Times
  • Chapter 1: Selling - Can Anyone Do It?
  • Chapter 2: A Simple Sales Framework - The Vital Ingredients
  • Chapter 3: Who Will Buy?
  • Chapter 4: Helping your Prospect "Get YOU!"
  • Chapter 5: Connecting
  • Chapter 6: Sales Meeting Success - getting results
  • Chapter 7: Selling - A Quick Fix or a Lifetime Habit?
  • Sales Jargon Buster - A Simple Lexicon

What readers are saying:

I’m absolutely delighted that one of the Chamber’s most inspiring trainers finally packs all her gems into one fabulous book. A great toolkit for all small business owners who seek to win more customers.
- Andrew Sugden, Director of Membership & Policy, North East Chamber of Commerce

A treasure chest of great ideas, tips and resources for anybody that needs to sell a product or service. With this book I could definitely sell ice to the Eskimos!

MD, Mature Accountants, Nottingham

A really practical, comprehensive guide for anyone new to sales. Great insights. It’s almost like you’re holding their hand through this daunting journey. Would recommend to start-ups.

Claire Adamson, Business Start-up Development Officer, Newcastle University

I pretty much suck at sales - I'm a PhD electronics engineer in start-up mode. Reading this book, made me realise where I've been going wrong so far and gave me some valuable ideas for going forward. More powerful than anything else I've read on this topic.

Simon Barker, Young Entrepreneur, Newcastle

As someone who didn't think they could ever sell anything, this book has been a great source of inspiration with tons or idea. Will definitely help me in my new business venture.

Helen Butler, Holistic Healer and consultant, Preston

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