Amazing Customer Service...Across the Business

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Are you leaking customers? Are you maximising on the potential of your existing customer base?

You and your sales team have invested valuable time and money winning new customers, now it’s time to focus on keeping them… and letting them know you care. Their business really does matter to you. How you deliver customer service excellence will determine whether you will get repeat business from them and of course referrals. It will determine your ability to grow your business effectively and easily, at a fraction of the cost of winning new business.
Does everyone in your company who interacts with customers know the importance of amazing customer service… understand its significance and impact? Let’s breakdown any “sales prevention departments” …starting now!

Course Objectives:

  • To focus everyone in the business on understanding what Amazing Customer Service is and why it’s important or relevant to them and the business
  • To encourage everyone to focus on delivering “Amazing Customer Service”
  • To explore and understanding Customers Expectations and Needs
  • To define what this level of service is for your business, what is the “Customer Vision” and what this means for each participant’s job role
  • To recognise Sales Prevention Tactics / Departments and learn how to eliminate this culture
  • To recognising a true “Marketing & Sales” Culture and learn how to develop this across the business

Course Content:

  • What is Amazing Customer Service & how will it set your business apart
  • How to get it right from the start and deliver on customer expectations
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service – how they link together to create synergy
  • Understanding the customer – their needs and expectations
  • Building Rapport with Customers – listening and other vital communication skills
  • The critical formula to customer service excellence – the people, the passion, the processes
  • When things go wrong - Managing difficult situations and customer recovery

Customer Relationship Management (optional)

  • How successfully do you manage your relationships with your customers? - Could you do better?
  • Engaging with your customers – the power of great customer relationships
  • Tips and strategies for developing great customer relationships – that won’t blow the budget
  • Maximising on the lifetime value of your customers – Up-selling & Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Putting appropriate systems in place to deliver great CRM

This course is suitable for staff at all levels who interact with customers and who contribute towards creating a favourable (or not so favourable!) impression of the business.

Course Format & Duration:

1 – 2 day interactive workshop with a mixture of theory and workshops aimed at getting team to interact, think, explore, resolve re. the key issues for their business / people / department.

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