The Fundamentals of Selling

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What does it take to be great at sales?

This course will examine and refine your sales technique to ensure you win more business.

In today’s tough business environment there is increased competition, heightened customer expectations and reduced willingness to pay the asking price. A hit and miss approach to winning business is not appropriate, nor will it bring you the sales success you require.

This highly interactive course will give you a complete set of practical and structured sales skills along with the personal development skills that will enhance your motivation, confidence and success as a salesperson.

  • Selling – what’s it all about – the myth and the reality
  • Common and costly Pitfalls to avoid
  • Setting clear objectives and staying on track
  • Who are you targeting & Why
  • Develop your sales communication skills - effective questioning, listening and rapport building skills
  • Understanding why you’re “FABulous” – your features, advantages and benefits
  • Develop a simple & effective sales structure – A.I.D.C.A – Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action
  • Handling Objections
  • Getting to the next stage – closing without the gimmicks
  • Effective follow up

Audience: Suitable for those new to sales who wish to learn the vital fundamentals of selling, to ensure higher return on sales effort and activity

Winning Sales focus is on delivering significant improvement to all aspects of your organisations’ customer interfacing situations and opportunities. We deliver training in Sales, Marketing & Customer service.

Course Duration: One or Two Day Programme (depending on audience and group size)

Prices: On request

Want a more specific course tailored for your company?

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