Highly Effective Marketing - Training

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, effective Marketing has never been more critical to business success. To survive and grow your business, it is vital to have a high effective marketing strategy which clearly identifies:

  • Your Business Objectives – what do you wish to achieve and when
  • Your audience – who do you wish to engage with and develop as customers
  • Your customers needs, motivations, buying habits and preferences
  • Your product packaging and delivery
  • Your valuable and unique key messages
  • Your marketing plan and tools to deliver these message to this audience and achieve R.O.M.I. (return on marketing investment)
  • Strategies to optimise and leverage your existing customer relationships

We can deliver practical and hands-on workshops and coaching to help you get to grips with marketing and understand what it can do for you, your people and your business.

For more information, call 01388-420411 / 07801-387321 or e-mail info@winningsales.co.uk

We also work in close collaboration with NESMA (North East Sales and Marketing Academy) to deliver accredited Chartered Institute of Marketing (C.I.M.) programmes