Sales Training

Our highly successful sales training programme “Logical Conclusion Selling ©” offers tried and tested processes, tools, templates and techniques which revolutionise the way you and your team sell. No tricks, no gimmicks, no falsehoods – simply a straightforward, structured approach to selling, which leads your prospects skilfully through their buying process towards the most logical conclusion – YOU and YOUR Product or Service!

Since launch in 2004, Winning Sales has worked successfully with a range of clients across diverse sectors. The common theme – tangible results!.

All our clients are unique and special to us – every training programme is personalised to reflect the specific needs, personalities, customers, products and services of each business. We engage with our clients following the 7 Step R.O.T.I. model to ensure all training meets and indeed exceeds expectation.

Whilst all our programmes are bespoke, the following sample course outlines may serve to help you identify your training objectives and needs.

Sample Course Outlines:

Logical Conclusion Sales Training Programme © - High Impact 3-4 Day Sample Programme (or can be delivered as modular programme)

OBJECTIVES: Following this programme, you will

  • Have developed a highly effective and structured approach to selling solutions i.e. products or services which fulfil customers needs
  • Understand how to identify, trigger and explore your customers needs – active and passive
  • Know how to successfully map your product or service to your customers needs, creating a high value desirable solution that customers need
  • Understand the decision making hierarchy and how to negotiate your way through this (click to view sample – template)
  • Reduce volume of objections and skilfully remove the real ones
  • Successfully close more meetings, proposals, calls, reducing sales lead times and increasing value of sale.
  • Have a toolkit of templates to use and guide you through selling process time and time again
  • Manage your time, territory and pipeline more effectively
  • Be highly motivated to get out there and bring in the business!

Audience: sales people and business owners wanting a complete and thorough understanding of how selling works and which tools and process to utilise in order to maximise on sales performance.

Sample Course Overview & Outline

Logical Conclusion © Model Winning Sales Overview

An Introduction to Selling – The Fundamentals (1 Day)

  • Objectives: Following this programme you will understand the vital fundamentals of highly effective selling. You will develop a simple sales process, which gets results. You will learn to focus on exploring and listening rather than just telling!
  • Audience: Individuals new to selling who wish to understand and develop some essential fundamental sales skills

Sample Course Outline

Telephone Sales Training & Lead Generation (1 – 2 Days)

  • Objectives: Following this programme you will be able to utilise the telephone effectively to generate new appointments, business and added value sales. It will remove typical barriers and fears in relation to telephone selling and help you be successful in your approach
  • Audience: Anyone who needs to use the telephone to engage with new and existing customers and win business or generate leads / appointments

Sample Course Outline